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When you're looking for real classics among sandals, with an unbeatable style and heritage, womens Birkenstock and mens Birkenstock are the time-honoured choice, and for good reason. Constantly evolving - the Birkenstock Gizeh, for instance, brings a fresh look to these enduring classics - yet true to their founding principles, Birkenstock craft sandals aimed at providing comfort beyond all else.

This commitment to utility means that there's no such thing as fashion when it comes to Birkenstock. That's why they're always on trend, in the classic ethos of form follows function. For your summer footwear wardrobe, a pair of sandals from Birkenstock is truly indispensable. These sandals work all season long - and for every summer beyond that, as they mould themselves to your feet, becoming an annual part of your summer life.

What are now known as the Birkenstock Madrid and Birkenstock Arizona versions of these cork soled sandals, in particular, are designs that go back a long way. The Birkenstock story begins in Germany early in the 20th century, when Konrad Birkenstock began making shoe inserts, to make that era's uncomfortable footwear a little kinder to feet. In the 1960s, Karl Birkenstock evolved his ancestor's work into the company's first sandals, and a legend began.

It took a German born Californian, Margot Fraser, to spot the true potential of the sandals and she promptly bought the American rights. A health food store frequented by rebellious, young people began the real revolution. Soon both womens Birkenstock and mens Birkenstock became the chosen footwear of the flower children, the hippies of the late 1960s.

This footwear label has never looked back, and it's now one of the few brands worthy of an over-used word. Whether your selection is Birkenstock Arizona in classic black, Birkenstock Madrid in eye-popping pink, or funky pairs of Birkenstock Gizeh sandals in your choice of patterns and shades, you're picking out a pair of iconic sandals.

The key remains the flexible cork deep footbed that's the base of every pair, designed to cushion your every step. Natural latex is combined with jute and cork to give your feet the softest possible ride. Add to that the company's obsessive selection of the softest possible leather to provide the straps, and you can begin to see why Birkenstock is a brand crafted to last.

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