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Dr Martens are the shoes that everyone - men, women, boys and girls - needs in their footwear collection. Worn by pop stars of every generation, these legendary shoes work with whatever you're wearing, will last for season after season - and Dr Martens shoes offer all that reputation for toughness and comfort for young feet too.

The style and design of all Dr Martens shoes goes way beyond mere fashion, in no small part because of the humble nature of the roots of these unique shoes. You might expect to find Dr Martens Chelsea Boots on the catwalk these days, and yet their beginnings were not in some hip design studio. Each pair of Dr Martens is named in honour of a real German doctor, Klaus Märtens. The story goes that he created the famous air sole of the shoes to cushion his feet after injuring his ankle when skiing. A legend had begun quite literally by accident.

It took a British company to buy up the rights and make these shoes world famous, however. Slightly modified from the German originals, and made in a British factory, Dr Martens 1461 shoes swiftly became the working footwear of choice in the early 1960s. They became particularly popular with postmen, for instance, who valued them for their legendary comfort when walking their rounds. The company prospered.

Sudden fame came unexpectedly when Pete Townshend, the wild lead guitarist of The Who, started to wear the classic Dr Martens 1461 style on stage in 1966, simply because of their simplicity, utility and comfort. The band's legions of fans - male and female - were swift to take note, and to copy what their idols were wearing. Dr Martens had found their way into pop culture, never again to leave.

From punks to supermodels, from hippies to politicians, Dr Martens 1460 boots became the badge of rebelliousness - and authenticity. Dr Martens Chelsea Boots retain the same design today as when they were first walked down the King's Road. You can expect the same longevity from Dr Martens School Schoes as the local postman did way back when, and no-one's ever going to mess with the style of Dr Martens 1460 boots.

Simply say "DMs" to anyone and they'll know what you mean. That's the mark of a true footwear legend.

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