Fly London shoes and boots

Fly London is a young label which aims to capture the rebellious spirit of London's bustling streets, while celebrating the heritage of Portuguese craftsmanship. Each pair of Fly London boots and Fly sandals is designed with the company's renowned flair. As they like to say, "Always progressive, never conventional", and of course, "Don't walk - Fly!"

With Fly London boutiques now open in New York, Lisbon, Porto, Dublin and London, this is a worldwide brand. We're delighted to be able to offer you our edited selection from the Fly London collection here at Shoestore.

Fly Mol Boots epitomise this footwear label's unique style. Fly Mol Boots are knee high boots in supple leather with full length zip and featuring Fly's signature wedge sole in rubber.

Fly Mes Boots share the same rugged street feel, with a lower cut and accessorised with straps, after the engineer's boots on which they are modelled. Once again the feature sole on Fly Mes Boots is a rubber wedge with the Fly London logo embossed to the underside.

If an ankle boot is what you're after then Fly Mel Boots are the edgy choice, with ruched leather adding a lived in feel. There's a feature buckle and a variety of finishes, including distressed leather. Fly Mel Boots have a low heel.

For those who'd like the ankle boot style with the wedge rubber sole that Fly London have made their own, Fly Yama Boots are a firm favourite. The signature feature of the Fly Yama Boots is a lace up closure to the rear adding to the funky style that Fly London have become so well known for.

Fly Yoss Boots kick the style of the classic Chelsea boot right into the 21st century. Another ankle boot - with the signature Chelsea boot elasticated sides - Fly Yoss Boots are also finished with that wedged rubber sole.

You wouldn't expect Fly Sandals to be run of the mill - and you wouldn't be disappointed. All Fly Sandals have their own version of the Fly wedge, and feature buckles are over sized. They're beautifully made, and superbly comfortable.

You'll have probably gathered by now that we've become real fans of the small team who continue to surprise and delight us over at Fly London. We think you'll be pretty impressed with your pair too.