Reef Shoes and Flip flops

Reef flip flops were born on the beach and all Reef shoes today still carry with them that same sense of sunshine and surf. Brothers Fernando and Santiago Aguerre came up with the idea of an authentic surf inspired label more than 30 years ago, and set up shop in Southern California to realise their dream of producing the world's best flip flops.

The Aguerre brothers' inspiration was the beach life of their native South America combined with the laid back lifestyle of California. Reef sandals, with their bold colours and designs, always engineered with comfort and grip in mind, are the very embodiment of a life that doesn't take itself too seriously. Always bold and vibrant, and yet always to be relied on, these are the sandals for those with a smile on their faces, whether its womens Reef or mens Reef that you're looking for.

When the first pairs emerged from the Reef campus in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the footwear is crafted, they were an instant hit. Millions of pairs have now been sold and it's fair to say that the global success of Reef flip flops has exceeded the wildest expectations of those two brothers who came up with an idea that everyone turned out to love.

Reef isn't sitting back on the beach celebrating its success though. The company continues to innovate to make sure that Reef sandals remain among the world's favourites. The hi-tech Reef Fanning footwear is proof of that. Developed in partnership with superstar surfer Mick Fanning, each pair of Reef Fanning flip flops features a synthetic nubuck upper, with a full heel airbag for extra comfort. Oh, and there's a bottle opener built in to the sole, so you're never left thirsty on the beach.

Reef trainers are equally innovative, incorporating the signature surfer style into every pair along with rubber soles, supportive inners and a wide variety of colours, designs and outer materials to choose from. Whether you're wearing your Reef trainers for the beach, at the skate park or simply to complete your casual jeans and t-shirt weekend wardrobe, you can be sure that these are conceived with the same mindset that created the first Reef shoes.

There are many beach inspired shoes on the market. There's only one Reef.

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